Garden Apartments & Use of Windows in Lighting

The apartment dwellers do rarely get the chance to grow garden in their homes, and they get deprived of this beautiful facility that does not only beautifies the home but also adds life to the home. But, all the apartment dwellers, did you really know that you could also grow a compact garden in your apartment and add a beautiful touch to the interior of your partner. Let’s below have a look at some of the ideas that would help you grow a beautiful garden in your apartment.

  • A balcony or yard is the perfect place to grow your garden ideas. If your apartment is equipped with such place then you could definitely start up with your favorite herbs, flowers and other garden necessities.
  • Large windows are yet another appropriate place that would suit best to grow herbs, flowers etc.
  • Indoor plants are one of the best options that could be grown in pots and placed gracefully in the apartment.

Build your Own Folding Doors/ Garage Doors

The folding doors are garage doors do require the services of an expert to be built and installed. But, have you ever tried building your garage doors all by yourself? By following the easy steps mentioned below you could build your garage doors including all the required amenities. All you would need to build a door includes, wood glue, overhead garage door hangers, bolts, plywood, washers, Lumber, saw.

  • Take the measurements of the required door as per the frame of the garage. While taking the measures you have to be very careful as a little mistake could cost you an entire new door.
  • Decide the design, texture, material, color, etc. in which you want to craft your door and bring the materials related to the same.
  • Start to build your doors including all the necessary requirements.
  • Once you are done building, install the door at just the right place.

Using Sun Tubes for Those Hard to Reach Areas

Getting natural light into a building is very important. It can have a massive impact on the interior design of a home, but it is also essential for human health too. In order to take full advantage of this fact, you’ll need provide natural lighting wherever possible.

Sometimes, providing natural light throughout your home can be very difficult. If you’re not in the top floor, then any interior room will not have any natural lighting options, except for sun tubes. Sun tubes collect light from above your roof, and then collect and reflect that light down through a tube, which ends up at a point of your choosing and then distribute that light outward. Because they take up relatively small space, they can be installed anywhere on your roof without causing much impact on its structural integrity. They can also be used in top floors to provide light in very restricted spaces, such as small corridors.

Building a Conservatory the Right Way

Building a conservatory on your property is something that every home owner should consider. What it can provide is a really enjoyable environment for spending your day, where you’re inside but are able to enjoy a lot of the benefits of being outside, such as sunlight and a great view, without all of the downsides of actually being outside, such as wind, rain, dirt and insects.

Once you’ve got your conservatory, it is important to consider what you’re going to use it for. Ideally you would be using your conservatory as a room to relax in, grow some plants, and entertain guests, and not for watching TV or other digital devices. While a conservatory can be a great place to relax in, Glare from the sunlight can be a big issue.

There are also a number of downsides to having a conservatory, such as how much money it costs to heat. If you keep your heating of the room to a minimum you won’t have these problems, but in return the room will be mostly uninhabitable during the winter.

Get a stylish roof by installing skylights

You can usher in some fairytale magic into your house by installing a flat roof skylight. There is no doubt that a skylight can allow more light to enter into a room than a vertically located window. However you need to remember that there are specific skylights for different roofs. For example skylights for sloping roofs are designed differently than the flat roofs. If you ignore this vital point you may have to face severe problems in the near future.

The important facts

The skylights for the flat roofs are specifically domed to facilitate drainage as it is a known fact that flat roofs suffer from drainage problems. To prevent water pooling on flat roofs the experts encourage domed skylights. Now if you are using a flat skylight you have to take care that it is pitched at a minimum of an inch of the width of the skylight.

You also have to make sure that a skylight with minimum pitch is compatible with flat roofs. There may be instances where a skylight is not pitched for roofs with low pitch and can only be used after adding a bit of slope. You can learn all about this in the literature that you will be supplied with. If by chance the drainage mechanism is not compatible with the low pitch it will be an utter disaster. So you understand the seriousness in judging the compatibility of this device before you go ahead with the process of installation.

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Cleaning your windows the right way – part 2

Once complete, you’ll need to follow this up by using the cleaning solution, but make sure you check the packaging for more details. Most of these will need to be diluted and added to a bowl with water. When you’re wiping the windows, use a clean sponge and really put some elbow grease into it so any resilient marks come away.

The key to a crystal clear window is removing watermarks when the process is complete, and that means using a squeegee. These can be purchased in most supermarkets, but again this item should be 100% clean before you start using it. If the weather is nice, it could be best to get the outside cleaned first, then you can repeat the process in the inside.

Window cleaning requires attention to detail, especially if you want the job done correctly, and it’s a task that needs doing every month or so, otherwise grime will soon start to build up.

Cleaning your windows the right way – part one

A dirty windows isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but it can make your home look filthy on the inside and the outside. We all want to make the most of natural daylight, and bright sun shining through a crystal clear window is something special in our eyes.

As nice as it can be to hire a professional window cleaner, it really is something you can do yourself, and we’re going to give you a few pointers. First things first, make sure you buy a top quality window cleaning solution. Home remedies of water and vinegar just aren’t good enough, and you can buy a big bottle of window cleaning solution at a cheap price. When you stat the cleaning process, use warm water and a sponge first. This will help removes the obvious dirt, and it’s essentially stage one of the process.