Cleaning your windows the right way – part 2

Once complete, you’ll need to follow this up by using the cleaning solution, but make sure you check the packaging for more details. Most of these will need to be diluted and added to a bowl with water. When you’re wiping the windows, use a clean sponge and really put some elbow grease into it so any resilient marks come away.

The key to a crystal clear window is removing watermarks when the process is complete, and that means using a squeegee. These can be purchased in most supermarkets, but again this item should be 100% clean before you start using it. If the weather is nice, it could be best to get the outside cleaned first, then you can repeat the process in the inside.

Window cleaning requires attention to detail, especially if you want the job done correctly, and it’s a task that needs doing every month or so, otherwise grime will soon start to build up.

Cleaning your windows the right way – part one

A dirty windows isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but it can make your home look filthy on the inside and the outside. We all want to make the most of natural daylight, and bright sun shining through a crystal clear window is something special in our eyes.

As nice as it can be to hire a professional window cleaner, it really is something you can do yourself, and we’re going to give you a few pointers. First things first, make sure you buy a top quality window cleaning solution. Home remedies of water and vinegar just aren’t good enough, and you can buy a big bottle of window cleaning solution at a cheap price. When you stat the cleaning process, use warm water and a sponge first. This will help removes the obvious dirt, and it’s essentially stage one of the process.

Sun Tubes for New Builds

Designs are forever changing in the property development world, and even the very small features in buildings are being revised, redesigned or updated. Sun tubes are widely used in residential and commercial properties, and the latest models can bring even more light to awkward spaces.

Building regulations are now tighter than ever before and it can often be a requirement to have a sun tube in a particular space, and you can now get your hands on daylighting sun tubes, LED sun tubes and solar static sun tubes. Choosing the right model isn’t difficult, and your architect is likely to have a good idea on the type you require, but the objective remains the same; to bring bright light to dull spaces.

Hallways, landings and en-suites often suffer from low-light, and a sun tube completely brighten up a room, and they’re very easy to install, especially on new builds when the roof is being worked on.

Security Doors for your Home


When people buy a front door for their home, they think that what they are buying is actually secure. This expectation of safety is actually not real, as anybody with a bit of training will be able to pick the lock of a typical door, and that’s not even mentioning just using brute force to force their way in. The solution to this problem is to get a door which is advertised as a security door.

Security doors differ from more typical doors in a number of ways. They are highly engineered, usually designed with multiple layers, all so that the door can diffuse the power from any impact and remain undamaged and unbroken. They also, of course, have considerably more advanced locking systems. As a basic model, you’ll get a normal locking mechanism (ie. one with a physical key), although it will still be more secure than a usual lock, but you can also get other types of locking mechanisms which can be installed in the door, such as keycard access or even fingerprinting.

Walk On Glass Rooflights for Balconies

Glass has an elegant, clean and valuable appearance, especially when it ‘s fitted in a luxury property, and many contemporary homes include walk on glass balconies and roof terraces. These are extremely strong, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the glass and falling through, while they provide light to the room below.

It’s an attraction on the balcony too, and the room lights from below can really brighten up your outdoor space on a dark night. A walk on glass balcony is always a standout feature at a roof party, and they’re more affordable today, while there’s more finishing colours to choose between.

If you want light and privacy, then an obscured finish should be obtained, while a cool blue finish can bring beautiful calm tones to the room below. Many of these units are self-cleaning too, and they require very minimal maintenance. You can order these in long runs or single units, and most skylight companies will stock walk on glass systems.

Roller Garage Doors – the benefits

Choosing a garage door is actually a big decision. It can have a lot of impact on how you can use your garage, like whether or not you use it for storing your car, as a workshop for the odd DIY job, or just for storage. For any of these roles your garage may play, a roller garage door has a number of benefits.

The biggest benefit of a roller garage door is simply the extra space. If you think about it, a more traditional up and over door will rise up and then use the space directly behind and above the door, which will make a big portion of your garage’s space unusable. With a roller shutter, it rolls up into an area which keeps the space usage to an absolute minimum.

The second benefit is for those who store vehicles in their garage, and is also the extra space offered. While other doors will raise up horizontally and vertically, and take up a portion of driveway space, a roller shutter garage door will raise up purely on a vertical axis, giving those extra driveway space to get their vehicle’s off the road.

Anti-Glare Window Films

On a sunny day, glare could prevent you from staring at a computer screen or watching TV effectively, which is one of the most frustrating things about windows. Even so, natural lighting is important for health and life in general, so removing all windows from a home’s design is simply not a good option. In fact, the more the better as far as windows are concerned.

Thankfully, there are things which can be done to help prevent glare, such as with anti-glare window films. This is an interesting product which can be applied easily to any window. It works by filtering out some of the sunlight which it’s exposed to, to a degree, which helps reduce the chance of glare. It still lets some of the natural lighting into your room, just removing the excess, which means that you’ll still get all of the benefits of sunlight.