Window glazing has evolved over time and single panes are no longer the most popular type of windows. Today, window glazing employs the use of multiple glass panes with an insulating material between the within a single window system. This helps reduce the amount of heat escaping from the house during winter and prevents unwanted heat from outside during summer. It also blocks external noise and provides extra security since it is harder to break multiple panes as compared to a single pane.

Here are some of the main differences between double and triple glazed windows:

-Triple glazed have two spacers filled with insulating materials as compared to the single spacer in double glazed windows hence offer more insulation to heat loss.

-Triple glazed windows are better at blocking external noise than double glazed windows.

-The three panes used in triple glazing provide more security than in double glazed windows.

-Triple glazed windows are more expensive than double glazed windows.

Dressing the windows in your home can bring your creative side out, as there are so many options to choose from, including curtains, netting, and a whole array of blinds.

Fitted blinds are becoming a popular choice for dressing your windows, and this is due to the many benefits they bring to your home. As the blind is fitted in a bespoke manner to each window, allowing you to be able to control light entry into each room.

These types of blinds also help to regulate temperature within your home. They keep the heat in during the winter and keep the rooms cool during the summer months.

With a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find fitted blinds perfect for your home. The blinds can also be used in combination with a curtain system if you still like the idea of have curtains in your home too.

Windows can certainly collect a lot of dust and dirt over the winter months, that’s why spring and summer is the best time of year for cleaning your windows. You have two options when it comes to cleaning the windows of your home; cleaning then yourself or hiring a professional window cleaner.

Depending on the equipment you have, you may be happy to tackle cleaning the windows yourself. Using a ladder and holding your cleaning tools isn’t as easy as it looks, so it may take some practice first.

If you hire a window cleaner, do your research prior to booking then. Make sure they are a reputable company that provide a professional service. Professional window cleaners should also include cleaning of the windowsill and window frame as part of the package, or for a little added extra. Let the bright sun shine through your windows this summer, and look out through clear and clean glass.

Have you ever thought of the hazards children are exposed to from the curtains and blinds?

It’s an unfortunate fact that many children across the UK die yearly from strangulation triggered by the cords on curtains and blinds. This is a real shame as this problem is very easy to solve as there are many cordless designs to choose from.

Here’s a quick 7-step guide to improving child safety in your home:

1. Curtain and blind cords should be well out of reach of children.

2. If you don’t want to buy cordless designs, shorten the cable but ensure the blind will still function appropriately when adjusted.

3. Ensure that children can’t reach the cords. Cords should be about 1.6 metres long.

4. Replace cords with ‘wands’.

5. Never put your son or daughter’s bed, high seat, playpen or crib near a screen or door where they can reach the wire and get swept up in the cord.

6. Don’t position anything to near to the window that a child can climb on, such as seats, sofas and desks.

7.Cords stopping in a loop are a genuine danger and really should be changed for maximum safe practices.

Glass blocks also known as glass bricks first emerged in the 1900s used by manufacturing plants to provide natural lighting in a bid to scale down on lighting costs.

Currently, glass blocks have evolved for both commercial and domestic construction purposes, whilst they’re treasured for their light saving properties. Glass blocks basically have the characteristic of attracting more natural lighting whilst maintaining visual obscurity. One may argue that glass is brittle and therefor if used as a wall material, it would rather compromise on the security aspect when compared to formidable building materials such as concrete bricks or steel panels. That’s a valid point but to address these doubts, glass wall blocks are available depending on the clients use. If they need strong blocks then they can purchase solid glass blocks and if the purpose is not really security oriented then they can opt for the hollow glass blocks. So there are plenty of options.

As the phenomenon of using glass bricks continues to catch on in the architectural industry, it is important to discuss the advantages of using glass blocks for rooms with no windows. As such, and as already noted above, the blocks let in natural light while maintaining privacy – this can be used in saving lighting costs during the day in both homes and offices. As opposed to windows, the glass blocks act better as noise filters and heat resisters giving the inner room a quiet, serene and somewhat cool environment. Glass bricks can also be used in a larger area without infringing on the structural integrity of the building. Despite these key advantages, glass blocks are also available in a wide array of designs and finfishes. So even when you know the size and depth of the glass bricks you require, you then have a choice between tints, patterns, obscurity, security and heat resistance!

 In case you are building a home or merely upgrading one, you may be in a dilemma about windows of choice. If you have stumbled upon bay windows in your consideration, here are some of the reasons why bay windows look great in your home.
Despite their common use for periodic reasons, bay windows are perfect for a variety of contemporary environments. In your home, they are capable of displaying the outside entirely from the comfort of your walls. As such, they give occupants a feeling of space.
Similarly, natural light penetrates your home more efficiently through a bay window than an average window. The sunlight reaches the rooms creating the lovely ambiance that gets visitors warming up to your home.
While most windows let out heat from the room, bay windows have a trapping effect. They prevent heat from the sun’s rays from escaping so that your room stays warmer for longer.