Have you ever thought of the hazards children are exposed to from the curtains and blinds?

It’s an unfortunate fact that many children across the UK die yearly from strangulation triggered by the cords on curtains and blinds. This is a real shame as this problem is very easy to solve as there are many cordless designs to choose from.

Here’s a quick 7-step guide to improving child safety in your home:

1. Curtain and blind cords should be well out of reach of children.

2. If you don’t want to buy cordless designs, shorten the cable but ensure the blind will still function appropriately when adjusted.

3. Ensure that children can’t reach the cords. Cords should be about 1.6 metres long.

4. Replace cords with ‘wands’.

5. Never put your son or daughter’s bed, high seat, playpen or crib near a screen or door where they can reach the wire and get swept up in the cord.

6. Don’t position anything to near to the window that a child can climb on, such as seats, sofas and desks.

7.Cords stopping in a loop are a genuine danger and really should be changed for maximum safe practices.

Glass blocks also known as glass bricks first emerged in the 1900s used by manufacturing plants to provide natural lighting in a bid to scale down on lighting costs.

Currently, glass blocks have evolved for both commercial and domestic construction purposes, whilst they’re treasured for their light saving properties. Glass blocks basically have the characteristic of attracting more natural lighting whilst maintaining visual obscurity. One may argue that glass is brittle and therefor if used as a wall material, it would rather compromise on the security aspect when compared to formidable building materials such as concrete bricks or steel panels. That’s a valid point but to address these doubts, glass wall blocks are available depending on the clients use. If they need strong blocks then they can purchase solid glass blocks and if the purpose is not really security oriented then they can opt for the hollow glass blocks. So there are plenty of options.

As the phenomenon of using glass bricks continues to catch on in the architectural industry, it is important to discuss the advantages of using glass blocks for rooms with no windows. As such, and as already noted above, the blocks let in natural light while maintaining privacy – this can be used in saving lighting costs during the day in both homes and offices. As opposed to windows, the glass blocks act better as noise filters and heat resisters giving the inner room a quiet, serene and somewhat cool environment. Glass bricks can also be used in a larger area without infringing on the structural integrity of the building. Despite these key advantages, glass blocks are also available in a wide array of designs and finfishes. So even when you know the size and depth of the glass bricks you require, you then have a choice between tints, patterns, obscurity, security and heat resistance!

 In case you are building a home or merely upgrading one, you may be in a dilemma about windows of choice. If you have stumbled upon bay windows in your consideration, here are some of the reasons why bay windows look great in your home.
Despite their common use for periodic reasons, bay windows are perfect for a variety of contemporary environments. In your home, they are capable of displaying the outside entirely from the comfort of your walls. As such, they give occupants a feeling of space.
Similarly, natural light penetrates your home more efficiently through a bay window than an average window. The sunlight reaches the rooms creating the lovely ambiance that gets visitors warming up to your home.
While most windows let out heat from the room, bay windows have a trapping effect. They prevent heat from the sun’s rays from escaping so that your room stays warmer for longer.

Vertical windows are the standard and classic way to go about adding both lighting and a good view to any room. You don’t have to worry about snow sitting on it, leakage or unnecessary brightness in your room when sleeping in. You can close the blinds if it’s too bright. They also are very easy to clean both from inside and outside. Of course, because they are located directly on the outside of a house, the chances of them being broken by flying/thrown objects are higher. The cost of them getting fixed, however, is fairly reasonable.
Skylights, are a great addition to any space. But there are some things you need to consider before deciding to move forward with this investment. These windows are located on an angle or horizontally on the ceiling, which provides your space with great lighting and warmth. During hot summer days, these windows let a lot of heat in the house, and during winter they let a lot of heat out of the house which means higher air conditioning/heating bills. So being located in an area with mild winters and summers is a good thing if you are going to invest in skylights. Obviously because of their location, they are a bit trickier to clean both from inside and outside. Cheaper models may have leakage problem during rainy or snowy days. They are also way more expensive to repair if damaged or broken as they often are specially insulated and waterproof.
In simple words, they are both good but serve different purposes. Get vertical windows for your bedrooms, living and dining room for good views, and to save money on your electricity bills. Install skylights in your bathrooms and kitchens since they might have smaller side windows and are usually warm/cool enough for your amount of time spent in them.

Patio doors come in a variety of styles and not only provide adequate access to your property but they are a great light source due to the large window panels.

Patio doors can come in variety of styles, such as swinging doors, sliding doors and folding doors. While folding doors provide great open access to the outdoors, swinging doors provide the best security, while sliding doors are popular due to space issues.

It is important to consider Alu-Sliding-Bifold-Doorsspace when choosing a patio style door. Sliding doors are a popular choice is space is an issue, sliding doors simple slide one panel over another, and do not require opening space. They do however have one static door working as a window, providing the most limiting access to the outdoors of the three styles for mentioned.

A major component of a patio door is glass, selecting the right type of window is important when considering leakage, insulation and efficiency. Some may consider tempered glass to provide privacy while still allowing natural light entry. While choosing the right glass for energy efficiency is important and a good quality window should also contain properties to protect against UV damage.

Make sure your patio framing is durable and yet easy to maintain. Door framing can come in clad-wood, aluminium, vinyl and fiberglass are all great options as they are good in all weather conditions are require minimal maintenance.

Choosing the right door for your home takes a lot of thought and unfortunately they don’t come cheap, spending a good amount on a good quality patio door and window panes will be worth it over opting for a cheaper alternative which will only become problematic in time due to changing weather. Research reliable suppliers and get your patio fitted by a professional to avoid any unnecessary complications.

We have already seen the difference that came from single pane windows compared to the double glazed windows. Now with the introduction of triple glazed windows, do they actually have much benefit compared to those aforementioned.

Simply, triple glazed is windows are windows with three panes of glass instead of one or two, which reduces noise and efficiency within a property.

Triple glazed windows can undoubtedly offer better thermal performance, this is due to the gas filled space between each pane. In turn this stops the warmth within a property escaping and does not allow for the cold outside to affect the temperature inside.

Triple glazed windows can play a large part in maximising security, as the glass is a stronger more solid structure making it harder for intruders to break compared to the old fashioned single pane windows.

Another key benefit in choosing triple glazed windows is comfort. They provide thermal efficiency not allowing those cold spots, this in turn also balances out noise making the busy outdoor traffic practically no existent inside the home.

The big selling point to convert to triple glazed windows is of course the money saved on heating bills. The triple glaze captures warmth from natural daylight and draws it into your home, this combined with its exceptional thermal properties due to its structure in turn plays a big impact on heating energy costs within your home.Black Wooden Frame Glass Center Window Near Green Trees

The difference between single glazed and double glazed was dramatic in the reduction of noise and keeping drafts out, reducing heating bills however the difference between double and triple may not be as dramatic, the noise and efficiency will be improved however, the cost of triple glazed windows may not pay for the saving made in efficiency.

However, with the winter here and nights getting colder, the temptation to convert to triple glazed windows is getting stronger.