Condensation can be an issue affecting a lot of homes across the UK this wintertime. With the windows and doors shut tight and the heating on, getting condensation around your windows is not uncommon.

There are certain rooms that are more susceptible to condensation than others, such as the kitchen or bathrooms, due to their increase humidity while showering or cooking. It is important that you still provide ventilating in and out of your home, even if it is extremely cold outside. Circulating the air will help to reduce the build-up of condensation around your windows, and improve the humidity in the home.

You can by boxes of beads that absorb the water in the air, placing these in high risk areas will help reduce the condensation build up. Condensation build-up can lead to problems such as mould and health problems for family members with asthma or allergies.

If you are thinking about upgrading your homes windows, you should consider choosing UPVC windows as they will provide your home with so many benefits.

UPVC windows have a much longer life span than other materials that are commonly used. They provide you with minimal maintenance and are very easy to clean should you need to. Unlike wooden framed windows, there is no need to paint or treat them at all, making things a lot easier to manage.

UPVC doesn’t get affected by change in weather conditions, meaning they are great all year round and provide optimum insulation for your home. Good insulating windows will help reduce the amount of energy you use in your home too, saving you a small amount on your bills.

The best thing about UPVC is there appearance, with a clean finish, they look great on all homes. The most common colour is white, however they can be available in other colours and designs too.

One of the benefits of developing glass rooflights into a new property, or setting up one in a house or office premises remodelling, is that you will be able to have fun with the sunshine. This will help save energy used for lighting style and offer allocated sunshine that increases the areas below the roof light.

On a smooth or low-pitched ceiling, the roof light will probably be a ceiling lantern with sidelights. The sidelights can be completely set, or be started out to offer air flow. This can be done either through a personally managed turn rod, or more easily with an engine unit that can be moved to open or close on need, instantly at set periods, or when a rainfall indicator triggers it when it finds rainfall, water or dew. Contine reading

Some houses suffer from window condensation more than others and it is generally due to ventilation. Rooms that tend to have higher levels of condensation are the kitchen and bathrooms, due to the increased level of moisture in the air.

Condensation build-up can be reduced in the kitchen by making sure the room is well ventilated, having the extractor fan on at all times while cooking, and not leaving warm foods on the counter top to cool down.

The same rule applies in your bathroom, use of an extractor fan helps largely in the reduction of condensation, and of course keeping windows open when possible. Also, hanging wet clothes outside, rather than inside will help reduce the moisture levels in the air.

A build-up of condensation around your windows can cause other problems such as mould. If the issue continues you may want to consider investing in new windows for your home or getting a professional to assess your homes insulation status.

Window glazing has evolved over time and single panes are no longer the most popular type of windows. Today, window glazing employs the use of multiple glass panes with an insulating material between the within a single window system. This helps reduce the amount of heat escaping from the house during winter and prevents unwanted heat from outside during summer. It also blocks external noise and provides extra security since it is harder to break multiple panes as compared to a single pane.

Here are some of the main differences between double and triple glazed windows:

-Triple glazed have two spacers filled with insulating materials as compared to the single spacer in double glazed windows hence offer more insulation to heat loss.

-Triple glazed windows are better at blocking external noise than double glazed windows.

-The three panes used in triple glazing provide more security than in double glazed windows.

-Triple glazed windows are more expensive than double glazed windows.

Dressing the windows in your home can bring your creative side out, as there are so many options to choose from, including curtains, netting, and a whole array of blinds.

Fitted blinds are becoming a popular choice for dressing your windows, and this is due to the many benefits they bring to your home. As the blind is fitted in a bespoke manner to each window, allowing you to be able to control light entry into each room.

These types of blinds also help to regulate temperature within your home. They keep the heat in during the winter and keep the rooms cool during the summer months.

With a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find fitted blinds perfect for your home. The blinds can also be used in combination with a curtain system if you still like the idea of have curtains in your home too.