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Clean Windows- Why Is It So Important?

Cleaning the windows, a job that seems to be more of a chore than something we enjoy. A job that people will always put off doing themselves and will not even consider hiring people out to do for them. But, we really need to take more care of our windows, this means regular window cleaning …


Just some of the benefits of Carteck doors

Carteck doors are manufactured in Germany by Teckentrup to a very high standard and specification. You may have assumed that doors are just doors, however, Carteck doors exceed all other types of doors and offer many benefits. The main difference with a standard door is the sturdiness and build quality. Carteck doors are made using …


What are the benefits of flat rooflights

Flat rooflights are recommended for offices, homes and factories where comfort lighting is preferred over task lighting. In addition to providing bright diffused downlight, the flat glass roof panel directs daylight deep into a building creating an airy feel to interiors while reducing electricity consumption and associated costs. The PVDF coating on the glass offers …


How To Prevent Window Mould Growth

Windows are one of the most common places that you can see mould growth. With them being the perfect environment for mould to grow. Today, we are going to share with you some of the best ways that you can prevent mould growth on your windows and windowsills. Keep Them CleanKeeping your windows clean is …