Black out blinds – When are they necessary?

Blackout blinds aren’t for everyone. Who really wants to sit in pitch black and shut out every ounce of daylight? Well, it’s a simple answer really: those that need to.

If you work night shifts and you can only catch up on sleep during the day, you may need to block out all daylight to get a good night’s kip. Young children can also benefit from blackout blinds, leaving behind no distractions whatsoever, meaning they can rest peacefully. You may also want blackout blinds in rooms that require complete darkness. Some people can only work in offices with the light from a computer screen. The fact is it’s often easier to concentrate when there’s only one type of light to focus on.

What we’re saying is don’t rule out blackout blinds. As healthy as it is to soak up fresh daylight on a regular basis, complete darkness can be essential too.