Can a glass roof extension add value to your home?

Glass extensions aren’t what they were twenty years ago. Gone are the times of cold conservatories that become almost unused spaces or storage rooms. While extensions were cold in winter, hot in summer and a bit of an eyesore for anyone else, lately glass extensions are beautiful bespoke creations that add value to a home and deliver tremendous benefits to those that have the chance to enjoy them.

More Space

For starters, you add more room to your home. Whether you would like an area to entertain guests, where children can play, for lounging, or where you’ll enjoy a hobby or two, having those extra square meters can make an enormous difference to your family and your lifestyle.

Peace and Quiet

Other than an area for guests or the youngsters, a glass extension is often your haven of tranquillity. Up to now, when your partner was watching TV, or the youngsters were playing video games you had to leave the home to reduce the noise or flee to your bedroom for a few moments of peace and quiet. All that changes with a glass extension. You’ll sit and relax listening to music, reading a book, or simply glaring at the moon and therefore the stars above. Do you have to crave even more privacy? If so, curtains or blinds are very easy to put in.

Better Value

Not only does one create more room, but your home becomes more valuable. You’re not the sole individual who sees the advantages of a glass extension. Do you ever want to sell your home, and what if one house features a glass extension and therefore the other one doesn’t, which one do you think will appeal to potential buyers more? A glass extension may be a huge selling point due to its many advantages.


A glass roof extension seamlessly blends the outside with the within of your home. Door options include bi-folding doors. These folding doors are perfect for opening up an area and mean that a five-metre run of glass doors are often neatly folded away into an area of just 50cm deep! What’s more, with window as standard, a glass extension keeps the space cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wide Variety

Unlike a brick structure, a glass extension allows your home to be flooded with natural light. All you’ve got to try to is pick a method that appeals to you the foremost. once you flick through the varied possibilities, you’ll little question be amazed at the sweetness of glass extensions and the way they changed over the years.

Once you’ve got a glass extension, you’ll wonder why it took you goodbye to create one. Before you start though, ask the local authorities just in case you would like planning permission. likelihood is that that you simply don’t, but you would like to get on the safe side.