Can I Add A Bay Or Box Window To My Property?

Bay or box  windows can be a wonderful asset to a property providing they are done correctly and add value to your home. However, because they protrude from the property you may require planning permission from your local council.

Bay windows have a curved look giving a more traditional feel, where as box window are rectangle ‘boxed’ shaped giving for a modern contemporary style.  

Both styles if bricked beneath add a small amount of space to the floor area and can comfortably house a window seat with storage underneath.  If you plan to do a full height bay/boxed window going up into the master bedroom then the space could be used for a vanity table or a free standing mirror or again a window seat with storage space.

Changing your window to a shaped window can be very costly when you factor in planning permission and the building works involved, so researching the cost implication is important.