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Sun Tubes for New Builds

Designs are forever changing in the property development world, and even the very small features in buildings are being revised, redesigned or updated. Sun tubes are widely used in residential and commercial properties, and the latest models can bring even more light to awkward spaces. Building regulations are now tighter than ever before and it …


Walk On Glass Rooflights for Balconies

Glass has an elegant, clean and valuable appearance, especially when it ‘s fitted in a luxury property, and many contemporary homes include walk on glass balconies and roof terraces. These are extremely strong, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the glass and falling through, while they provide light to the room below. It’s …


Installing Rooflights

Rooflights are not a traditional window, which for many people is a reason not to have them installed in their homes. They are used to traditional windows, and the idea that they would go for something new which may adversely affect their home is unlikely, but there are a number of advantages offered by roof …