Curtains, blinds or both?

It’s a question many homeowners will ask themselves at some point, and the answer usually depends on the room. If you have an office where you’d like to keep out any harsh light, and perhaps block light out entirely so that there’s no screen glare, then you’ll be better off with blinds and curtains.

Bathrooms tend to have both, and that’s mainly because you have the shower curtain, and then the blind to give you ultimate privacy, which is what most people desire when they’re taking a shower.

Bedrooms on the other hand can be completely different. If you opt for curtains, you won’t necessarily need blinds too, and that’s the same story with the living room and dining room. Kitchens tend to include blinds rather than curtains because the fabric can pick up odors and stains in such a practical environment, but you can quickly and easily wipe blinds down.