Get a stylish roof by installing skylights

You can usher in some fairytale magic into your house by installing a flat roof skylight. There is no doubt that a skylight can allow more light to enter into a room than a vertically located window. However you need to remember that there are specific skylights for different roofs. For example skylights for sloping roofs are designed differently than the flat roofs. If you ignore this vital point you may have to face severe problems in the near future.

The important facts

The skylights for the flat roofs are specifically domed to facilitate drainage as it is a known fact that flat roofs suffer from drainage problems. To prevent water pooling on flat roofs the experts encourage domed skylights. Now if you are using a flat skylight you have to take care that it is pitched at a minimum of an inch of the width of the skylight.

You also have to make sure that a skylight with minimum pitch is compatible with flat roofs. There may be instances where a skylight is not pitched for roofs with low pitch and can only be used after adding a bit of slope. You can learn all about this in the literature that you will be supplied with. If by chance the drainage mechanism is not compatible with the low pitch it will be an utter disaster. So you understand the seriousness in judging the compatibility of this device before you go ahead with the process of installation.

Some trendy option for flat roof skylight

  • It is no secret that houses with flat roofs can face difficulties with the installation process. The good news is that there are many retailers both online and offline who sell skylights for flat roofs and there are a lot of them that are easy to install. So you could simply go down to the store and take a look.
  • A combination skylight is just perfect for a flat roof that is pitched in some places. This skylight can be found with different level in pitch and is perfect for installation in sun-rooms and entryways.
  • Now if you are looking to add some more dimension and depth you can purchase a pyramidal one. These can be a little troublesome to install as they require a special framing setup to cover the sky lighted portion.
  • For those of you who wish to take things up a little notch well go for tinted glass and add a dash of romance to the atmosphere in your house. Tinted skylights are very compatible to flat roofs and do not require any pitching.

Some other factors to consider before you install a flat roof skylight

The size of the room is to be taken into consideration; for example if the room is small then the choices of selecting a skylight will be very limited. However if you still want to install a skylight go for the pyramidal one. The structure of the building is to be taken into consideration too. It is impossible to change the structural set up of the house so in this case you have to choose the skylight wisely.

So you see that by choosing the right skylight you can add glamour to your house in no time.