How do you best maintain a veranda?

Verandas are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Still, for this article, we will be looking closely at glass verandas, as these are now the most common in the UK. Glass veranda, being primarily constructed of glass, are very easy to clean and maintain. 

As a general rule, your glass veranda shouldn’t be cleaned with any aggressive agents or tools to stop damage to the frames, glass and metal parts. Acids, abrasives, scouring pads, wire wool, knives/blades and other sharp implements should be avoided in the least costs. Don’t be tempted to bring out the pressure washer; it can cause damage to the rubber seals.

Any moving parts should be checked and cleaned regularly to make sure that they’re kept in good working order. However, it’s not necessary to lubricate them with silicone oil. Drains should be checked to make sure that they continue to be free from clogging. If you’ve got a roof-mounted awning that gets wet from the rain, it’s always advisable to keep it extended and permit it to dry thoroughly before retracting it.

Below, we’ve listed the most straightforward sort of cleaning solutions to use on the various parts of your veranda:

The aluminium components

In non-saltwater areas, the aluminium parts should be cleaned a minimum of once a year using clean water and a couple of drops of a pH-neutral or a weak alkaline detergent. In saltwater areas, we recommend that the salt is removed regularly to prevent any corrosion to the frame.

Reduce condensation

Make sure that and side awnings are regularly retracted (even for brief 10 minute periods), that doors to adjoining rooms are closed which furniture doesn’t block the air from circulating. This may allow the air to flow and minimise any moisture collecting – any humid air is going to be replaced with dry air.

Be aware of the risks

If you’re worried about climbing on board the roof of your glass veranda using the crawling board system you’ll rent a conservatory cleaning ladder. These are wonderful devices which have the foot of the primary section of the ladder right on the bottom. Therefore, the top rests neatly on the gutter of the glass veranda. The second a part of the ladder flops over onto the roof and supports the one that is cleaning the roof. The entire apparatus is prevented from slipping off the roof by a cable which is attached to the conservatory itself. This suggests that this job are often done one-handed.