How To Prevent Window Mould Growth

Windows are one of the most common places that you can see mould growth. With them being the perfect environment for mould to grow. Today, we are going to share with you some of the best ways that you can prevent mould growth on your windows and windowsills.

Keep Them Clean
Keeping your windows clean is one of the best ways to prevent mould growth. This helps to damage the environment that mould grows within. Keeping your windows clean helps to ensure that you stop mould growth as soon as it is spotted. We will always recommend that you clean your windows once a month to prevent mould growth.

Allowing your home to have ample ventilation is key for preventing mould growth. The most important time to ventilate your home is when cooking or having a bath or shower. This is due to the steam and condensation that is produced. The condensation is formed on the windows is where the mould will grow as it is a moist environment.

Removing Condensation
As mentioned above, condensation prevents the perfect environment for mould to grow on windows. Removing this eliminates the area for mould growth. Simply wiping away condensation with a cloth or squeegee will remove this perfect area for mould growth.

Regular Caulking
Caulking helps to prevent leaks from occurring around your window. These leaks will again provide the perfect ground for mould to begin its growth. Regular caulking helps to prevent this from occurring. While still helping to protect and maintain the quality of your windows. We would recommend caulking your windows every time you clean them to keep them fresh and up to standard.

These are our top four ways that you can prevent window mould growth in your home. You will never completely stop mould growth, but preventing it is key to keeping your home happy and healthy.