How will electric skylights reduce your home’s energy costs?

Many architects would agree that skylights and solar panels can be a ‘dynamic duo’ in helping your home conserve energy and cut costs.

When the first electric skylights hit the market, many people wondered how they would cut down on energy costs. The lights seemed to be just another gizmo that homeowners had to pay for but as technology has advanced, so has the efficiency of electric skylights. In fact, studies show these skylights can reduce your home’s energy consumption by up to 30 percent! How is this possible? Well, the obvious advantage is that you no longer need to be able to reach your electric roof windows in order to open and close them. This is really beneficial if you have a skylight in a room with a high ceiling and can’t reach the window without leaning over or using a chair or ladder. You don’t have to move furniture or lean over bookcases, sideboards, or arrange your loft room’s layout around access to the windows. In terms of saving energy, you also can reap the rewards of having plenty of fresh daylight in the room, rather than relying on electricity and bulbs to give you the light you need. This reduces your dependency on artificial lighting, which can save you money in the short and long term.

So the benefits are clear: you’ll be able to significantly reduce your energy costs and improve the level of ambient light in your home or commercial property with electric skylights that once needed manual operation! But what other benefits will they bring to your home?

They add value. That’s right, just about every upgrade involving your home will add value to it. Whether you’re going for a new kitchen or replacing the garage doors, or putting in a pool, these types of updates are all going to provide more worth to your property.  

Electric skylights can be automated with a special control unit so they open and close at set times of day – saving you from having to get up on that ladder again! This means that when it comes time to sell the house, potential buyers will be impressed with how often it’s been updated and modernized by its previous owners. And if you need any more motivation to add them yourself, bear in mind that while some home improvements might not recoup their investment in terms of increased value, electric skylights can actually reduce your energy costs. If you think about it, the cost of putting in electric skylights is more than paid for by the savings on heating and cooling bills over time. Energy-efficient windows keep heat from escaping, leaving you with a lower monthly bill at the end of each month.