Garage Doors

Integral Garage Door Replacements

Having a garage, whether separate or integral to your property is amazing. But today we want to talk to you about integral garages and door replacements. There is no doubt about it that integral garage doors on your property do not always look the nicest from a curbside point of view. So, what can you replace your integral garage door with to make your property more curbside appealing?

One of the most common replacements for integral garage doors is windows. This is simply changing your garage door to a brick wall with a window installed. This means that this room can still be used as a storage facility, or be repurposed as another space like a bedroom, dining room, or home office. The only downside to this is that you will not be able to enter this room from the outside so you will need a side entrance which every integral garage should have anyway.

Garage Door Upgrade
You can also simply upgrade your current garage door to up your curbside appeal. There’s no doubt about it that garage doors do get a lot of wear and tear, meaning they do not always look the best. So, by upgrading your garage door to one that is more visually appealing and of higher quality, you will find that the exterior of your home does improve. Choosing this option will mean the space is still being used as a garage and you will still have access from the front of your property.

Choosing what to do with your integral garage door highly depends upon what you want the space to be used for. If you are looking to make the space more useful as an extra room for your home, a window will be the better option. But if you are still using this as a garage space, the choices are endless for you.