Is glass a strong material for doors?

When we do ask ourselves questions about doors one of our main priorities should always be how safe the door is? We need to be comfortable in our own minds that we have a safe door that will keep out unwanted intruders. The last thing we want to happen is to return home one day and find that someone has entered our property and taken all our belongings. We all need doors that we can trust 100% and there are many different styles to be considered. Such as:

• 1. Glass
• 2. Fibreglass
• 3. Wood
• 4. Steel

For our glass question, we can look at the options one and two mentioned above and look at the advantages and disadvantages of them both one by one.


If you’re considering a solid glass home entry door you will be very pleased to note that this style of a door does have many advantages. Obviously natural light is a big plus factor. Any home, bathed in this type of light, will create a living environment that is a joy to live in as natural light does tend to create more positive vibes. Then again these vibes are all down to individual inclinations. Some people might consider natural light as an intrusion of their particular space. After all, they might be protective of their space and may not want nosy neighbours peering in at all hours. Glass is not often associated with high security, but it is a very strong material, and there is such thing as bullet proof glass, so why should it not be part of a secure system? There are many glass steel doorsets available online, so combining these two durable materials is a fine option.

Glass Strength

Besides nosy neighbours, the door strength questions throw up some interesting possibilities. Any kind of cracks could feel a home full of cold air plus glass is easier to smash than wood or steel. It’s true the sound of smashing glass might attract the attention of some neighbours and owners if they were at home during an attempt to rob their home.


If you are looking for a door with a greater trust factor then the slightly more expensive fibreglass option might be the way to go. The stability of this door provides great protection factors against the elements.

Fibreglass Strength

As already mentioned fibreglass doors are very strong with insulated cores for extra protection. Even though they might be initially more expensive the extra costs can be offset with savings on fuel.

Is glass a strong material for doors? If you’re in the market for a glass door then you must consider that the material strength might not be considered as strong as other doors and there could be more costs related to extra money spent on the heating bill. You will, however, enjoy a nice bright living space.