Just some of the benefits of Carteck doors

Carteck doors are manufactured in Germany by Teckentrup to a very high standard and specification. You may have assumed that doors are just doors, however, Carteck doors exceed all other types of doors and offer many benefits.

The main difference with a standard door is the sturdiness and build quality. Carteck doors are made using very high strength MDF wood which has been glued together to form a solid block (a process called lamination). This then allows the joining of the parts to be done on-site, by drilling rather than through weak screws or nails. The complete thickness of the outer part of the door (the surface you see) is 6mm thick which offers protection from damage such as scratches and dents. Carteck doors also offer greater security than standard wooden doors due to their extra thickness but also because they operate very well.

In fact, the Carteck insulated side hinged is really popular. The insulated side-hinged door boasts its strength yet it’s enough to bear all kinds of pressure when closed. It’s provided with an automatic three-point lock for the use [and safety] of residents in multi-storey buildings. What’s more, it has got three advantages compared to traditional wooden or aluminium doors: firstly, it doesn’t corrode because there’s no metallic element; secondly, it bears great pressure better than metal; lastly, it releases warmth faster than other materials during wintertime. Carteck company uses German technology t its advantages and that’s clear to see with their top quality products.

  1. With state-of-the-art thermal break technology, air leaks around the door are reduced by as much as 50%, allowing you to reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  2. The doors are made from superior-high-quality steel for increased durability and longevity.
  3. Carteck doors contain all parts for easy installation, which saves you money when it comes time to complete your project.
  4. All Carteck products come with a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing with no mileage restrictions!

You also design your own garage door with Carteck’s online configurator. It lets you customize size, appearance and material so that it fits your home perfectly. The difference that we see here is that there are no limitations on what kind of style or colour can be used; unlike other companies where certain colours/styles aren’t available due to their existing inventory.

General advice when choosing a garage door…

  • This is basic; your garage door should be secure. There are several key areas that one must consider:
  • A neutral design that works with the architecture of the house (or apartment or storage unit).
  • Strength and rigidity to withstand being hit by a car at high speed – assuming it doesn’t go through your wall first! In all seriousness, you do need a strong door that can withstand strong wind and prevent break-ins.
  • The door should keep intruders out while still allowing you easy access.
  • It should be in keeping with the look of the building and neighbourhood.