A property photographer is an individual who photographs properties on behalf of owners and estate agents to help sell residential and commercial buildings. To become a property photographer, also referred to as a real estate photographer, you need to have excellent composition skills, as well as a very good technical understanding. The right lens, lighting, aperture and shutter speed can create the perfect photograph, but honing in on these skills can take years of practice. To become a professional real estate photographer, you need to gain hands on experience. You should photograph buildings in your spare time, offer to help local businesses for free and read as many books as possible. Photographs play a huge role in selling buildings worth thousands or millions of pounds, and it can prove to be a very rewarding area of photography.

There are many reasons why you may want to consider upgrading to UPVC windows and doors, and we’re going to talk you through the main advantages.

Firstly, they have a much longer lifespan. They’re designed to be extremely resistant and capable of performing efficiently for years, especially when compared to wooden windows and doors.

They also require minimal maintenance, and that’s because they’re not corroded by the weather. They don’t even need to be painted, that’s just up to you. You also don’t need to worry about insulation because UPVC does that for you. It’s designed to stay the same shape and size, whislt they close the gap between wooden door and window frames.

Lastly, they’re stylish. Modern designs now feature many different colours and patterns, and prices have come down a lot over the years, and for us, they’re the number one option for doors and windows.

A roof lantern is a window placed on the roof of a building to allow entry of natural light. Also, known as skylights or roof lights, these types of windows were first used in sixteenth century Europe for cultivating citrus trees. Since roof lanterns were made from wood during the Victorian era, only the rich and affluent could afford to have them on the roofs of their terraced houses. Today’s lanterns are made from a wide variety of materials including PVC, hardwood, aluminium and stainless steel.

The primary purpose and benefit of installing roof lanterns is to increase the amount of natural light entering a building thereby minimising on electricity costs. In addition to helping reduce a house’s power consumption, roof lights are also seen as key components of a modern contemporary architectural design. Thus, when installing skylights an installer has to take into consideration the design preference of the house’s owner. Additionally, an installer has to take into account the design and size of the lantern to be installed. If a lantern is too small it will appear awkward and unappealing the same applies where the lantern is too large. Contine reading

I’ve recently grown fed up of buying expensive glass cleaners for my home. I love making sure my windows are clean but I wanted to take a leaf out of my mum’s book and use her homemade remedy. It’s pretty simply really, you just fill a bowl with water, add 4 or 5 tablespoons of vinegar and some lemon. The lemon just helps remove some of the vinegar smell I think, but worth adding anyways. With this simple mix and a sponge, you can remove dirt, dust and grime from your window or French doors, and it hasn’t let me down yet. Just remember to use warm water, and air out the smell of vinegar afterwards because it can be quite strong. With this quick, easy and cheap solution I won’t be buying expensive chemicals any time soon!

I’ve probably touched on these before, but I can’t emphasize how brilliant they are. Anti-glare window films mean I can watch TV and play on my computer without having to shut off the daylight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drawn the curtains at 5-6 o’clock in the evening to be able to concentrate on the TV screen, and I never have to do this again. I’ve added these films to the windows in my living rooms and bedrooms and I won’t be taking them down any time soon.

One drawback with these is that they give your widow a slight tint, and they’re also pretty tricky to install without creating air bubbles. It certainly took me some practice, but I’ve mastered the technique now. Make sure you consider these whenever you grow tired of screen glare.

I don’t—and I only have a nine till five job. It’s such a shame to arrive home to a house with dirty windows. At the weekend I always seem to have something on the go, usually friends and family pooping over.

Okay so cleaning the windows is not at the top of my priority list, but perhaps it should be, after all, a clean window can be a positive first impression for my guests. It’s certainly one of the first things I notice when I go to a mate’s house and after some consideration; I’ve decided it’s worth getting a professional. With the right kit, techniques and knowhow, professional window cleaners can get yours sparkling clean and it means that your house looks good in the eyes of visitors. At such an affordable price, it’s worth doing your bit to keep someone in a job, helping small local businesses. For years I didn’t spend any money on a window cleaner, but the fact of the mater is I just don’t have the time, and I’ll always be looking to get a professional in the future.