We have already seen the difference that came from single pane windows compared to the double glazed windows. Now with the introduction of triple glazed windows, do they actually have much benefit compared to those aforementioned.

Simply, triple glazed is windows are windows with three panes of glass instead of one or two, which reduces noise and efficiency within a property.

Triple glazed windows can undoubtedly offer better thermal performance, this is due to the gas filled space between each pane. In turn this stops the warmth within a property escaping and does not allow for the cold outside to affect the temperature inside.

Triple glazed windows can play a large part in maximising security, as the glass is a stronger more solid structure making it harder for intruders to break compared to the old fashioned single pane windows.

Another key benefit in choosing triple glazed windows is comfort. They provide thermal efficiency not allowing those cold spots, this in turn also balances out noise making the busy outdoor traffic practically no existent inside the home.

The big selling point to convert to triple glazed windows is of course the money saved on heating bills. The triple glaze captures warmth from natural daylight and draws it into your home, this combined with its exceptional thermal properties due to its structure in turn plays a big impact on heating energy costs within your home.Black Wooden Frame Glass Center Window Near Green Trees

The difference between single glazed and double glazed was dramatic in the reduction of noise and keeping drafts out, reducing heating bills however the difference between double and triple may not be as dramatic, the noise and efficiency will be improved however, the cost of triple glazed windows may not pay for the saving made in efficiency.

However, with the winter here and nights getting colder, the temptation to convert to triple glazed windows is getting stronger.

Many commercial properties have mirrored windows and they’re a really nice feature. Instead of allowing people who pass by to look into your busy office or workplace, the windows simply reflect the surroundings. This is great if the premises are set by the countryside, by a river or open plains with blue skies. Another advantage with these windows is the fact that they lend privacy to workers. People can relax at their desk knowing nobody is peering through the glass at them. They can simply get on with their tasks in peace and it’s always nice not to have any distractions when you’re working. Of course, it is not just commercial properties that have mirrored glass; some residential properties do too, such as lavish apartments in city centres like London, Sydney, Paris and New York. Mirrored glass is definitely more common in built up towns and cities but you too can use it in your home!

If you want to brighten up your house, skylights could provide you with the best solution. Apart from allowing natural light, flat roof lights can also minimise your dependency on other sources of lights allowing you to reduce your carbon consumption and save money. Unfortunately, skylights are more likely to cause leaks. Although they bring in light, this might come with challenges.

Why they leak
Not all brands of skylights are built in the same way. Some come with plastic or acrylic parts while others have a tempered glass. If you want to know whether the glazed part is leaking or not, check the metal frame or cracks on the glaze parts. It’s also important to ensure that the sealant that secures the frame and the glass is still in good shape. However, since it’s not easy to detect a leak, you need to have the knowledge and experience of all flat roof lights to check any problem.

When a skylight is fitted on a flat root, there are chances that water will start pooling around the curb. It’s, therefore, important to make sure that the roof membrane is connected to the flashing of the skylights. If this is not done properly, the roof might leak. Also, when an old roof is removed you must be careful to clean the old flashing. In short, if your skylight is leaking, the problem might be between the roof and the flashing.

How to choose the right skylight for your home
The size of your skylight will have an effect on the temperature and the illumination of the room. It’s, therefore, important to choose wisely so that you can be able to control the level of heat and light seeping into your house. Contrary to the common notion, bigger skylights do not mean that you will have a better experience.

If you wish to maximise the light coming to your home, you should consider the location. For instance, when installed on north facing roofs, these lights will provide you with a cool and a constant illumination. Also, the structure of your house will affect the position of your skylight. Electrical wiring, wooden beams, and air ducts may also prevent you from putting the lights where you want.

When it comes to these lights, there are two major types; the opening and the fixed. Unlike the fixed, an open skylight has a switch that allows you to open and close it electronically. You may also include wind and rain sensors as optional extras. If you want more ventilation, open skylights are the best. More so, when making a decision it’s also very important to consider glazing options that are there.

The price of the skylight will majorly depend on the type of the model and the complexity of the installation. Regardless of the type that you have chosen, you must follow the manual or ask an expert to help you when it comes to this. This will ensure that your flat roof lights are able to bring the much-needed light into your house.

Flies, wasps and bees can be pests in the summer months and if you found you had quite a few problems this year, you may want to consider buying Flywire for your windows. Flywire comes in rolls and you simply apply it to the inside of your window. It clings to the window easily so you don’t need any tape and whenever an insect lands on the Flywire mesh, it will be cling to it, then you simply remove the sheet and bin it every day or two. It basically means spiders, moths, mosquitoes, flies, wasps never bother you during the summer months with their constant flying and buzzing, so for the fair price, this clever roll is a worthwhile investment. Just be sure to keep it stocked up even during the winter months, but if you only have a probem in the summer with these insects, this is definitely a product worth considering for your windows.

Glass is seen as a very fragile material, but this isn’t the case. It all depends on how the glass is constructed, and for balconies and roof lights, the glass is very strong indeed. What’s great about a glass balcony is the fact that it’s sophisticated, fresh and trendy in appearance, especially when it ‘s fitted in a luxury home. Walk on glass balconies and roof terraces are extremely strong, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the glass and falling through, while they look brilliant at night reflecting light from the garden or the side of the building. Okay so it’s not the cheapest material but that’s because a glass balcony is a luxury item, fit for the most modern homes. What’s also great about glass is the fact that you can choose different colours and tones, so it’s easy to get the right look for your building.

A property photographer is an individual who photographs properties on behalf of owners and estate agents to help sell residential and commercial buildings. To become a property photographer, also referred to as a real estate photographer, you need to have excellent composition skills, as well as a very good technical understanding. The right lens, lighting, aperture and shutter speed can create the perfect photograph, but honing in on these skills can take years of practice. To become a professional real estate photographer, you need to gain hands on experience. You should photograph buildings in your spare time, offer to help local businesses for free and read as many books as possible. Photographs play a huge role in selling buildings worth thousands or millions of pounds, and it can prove to be a very rewarding area of photography.