Reduce condensation in your home this winter

Condensation can be an issue affecting a lot of homes across the UK this wintertime. With the windows and doors shut tight and the heating on, getting condensation around your windows is not uncommon.

There are certain rooms that are more susceptible to condensation than others, such as the kitchen or bathrooms, due to their increase humidity while showering or cooking. It is important that you still provide ventilating in and out of your home, even if it is extremely cold outside. Circulating the air will help to reduce the build-up of condensation around your windows, and improve the humidity in the home.

You can by boxes of beads that absorb the water in the air, placing these in high risk areas will help reduce the condensation build up. Condensation build-up can lead to problems such as mould and health problems for family members with asthma or allergies.