Doors, Windows

Reusing Old Doors and Windows

There comes a time where we all want to install new doors and windows into our homes. This can be good fun upgrading our homes, but what can we do with our old doors and windows? Today, we are going to share with you some ways you can reuse these old items.

When removing old doors and windows, the first thought is to always hire a skip or head to the tip to dispose of them. But there is so much more you can do with these.

Old wooden doors that are being replaced can have multiple new uses. So stop going to the tip with these items and start reusing! One of the many uses these doors can have is firewood. Chopping these up into smaller pieces will be perfect for burning. If you do not have a wood fire you can sell it on to someone who does.

Old doors can also be used outside to make your children a play wall. Create support for the door, and then begin attaching loads of items like pipes, buttons, funnels, and instruments. Your children will have endless hours of fun with this! You could even paint it in chalkboard paint to create a huge chalkboard to play with!

With windows, it is more difficult to reuse these due to the glass inside. But, there are still ways around sending them to the tip. Firstly, you could consider selling these on. Someone else may be looking for an upgrade and your windows may be just that to them. You could also consider installing these into a shed, garage, or a wendy house to improve insulation through the winter months.

Like everything, doors and windows can have many other uses. So please, don’t take them straight to the tip. Think about their other uses, or who else could benefit from them.