Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors – the benefits

Choosing a garage door is actually a big decision. It can have a lot of impact on how you can use your garage, like whether or not you use it for storing your car, as a workshop for the odd DIY job, or just for storage. For any of these roles your garage may play, a roller garage door has a number of benefits.

The biggest benefit of a roller garage door is simply the extra space. If you think about it, a more traditional up and over door will rise up and then use the space directly behind and above the door, which will make a big portion of your garage’s space unusable. With a roller shutter, it rolls up into an area which keeps the space usage to an absolute minimum.

The second benefit is for those who store vehicles in their garage, and is also the extra space offered. While other doors will raise up horizontally and vertically, and take up a portion of driveway space, a roller shutter garage door will raise up purely on a vertical axis, giving those extra driveway space to get their vehicle’s off the road.