Sun Tubes for New Builds

Designs are forever changing in the property development world, and even the very small features in buildings are being revised, redesigned or updated. Sun tubes are widely used in residential and commercial properties, and the latest models can bring even more light to awkward spaces.

Building regulations are now tighter than ever before and it can often be a requirement to have a sun tube in a particular space, and you can now get your hands on daylighting sun tubes, LED sun tubes and solar static sun tubes. Choosing the right model isn’t difficult, and your architect is likely to have a good idea on the type you require, but the objective remains the same; to bring bright light to dull spaces.

Hallways, landings and en-suites often suffer from low-light, and a sun tube completely brighten up a room, and they’re very easy to install, especially on new builds when the roof is being worked on.