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Switching to UPVC Windows and Doors

There are many reasons why you may want to consider upgrading to UPVC windows and doors, and we’re going to talk you through the main advantages.

Firstly, they have a much longer lifespan. They’re designed to be extremely resistant and capable of performing efficiently for years, especially when compared to wooden windows and doors.

They also require minimal maintenance, and that’s because they’re not corroded by the weather. They don’t even need to be painted, that’s just up to you. You also don’t need to worry about insulation because UPVC does that for you. It’s designed to stay the same shape and size, whislt they close the gap between wooden door and window frames.

Lastly, they’re stylish. Modern designs now feature many different colours and patterns, and prices have come down a lot over the years, and for us, they’re the number one option for doors and windows.