The different types of security grilles

Imagine you’re having a busy day and you need to leave your home and run a few errands for 30 minutes. Would you leave your doors or windows easily opened, even if it were on a hot summer day? Probably not. For this same reason, wouldn’t it be better if you boosted security around your windows, just in case?

There are a lot of efficient and strong security grilles, but you need to know the type that is best for your house? That is why we have prepared some easy-to-follow advice on how to choose the right security grilles for you home so that it is ultimately protected against burglars.

Grilles for balconies

A fine option for those who usually have an apartment or a house with a couple of floors featuring balconies. In general, it these grilles will have parallel vertical metal bars that have a small distance in between them and do not allow intruders to get in. Obviously, it depends also on the material of those metal bars. Before installing it, be sure to check what cutting resistance it has or how easy it can be removed. They will no doubt be tested, but always research and read reviews first.


These work as a solid barrier for French windows, where it has to be attachable to the length and corners. These kind of grilles can be used internally, and some homeowners even use it for protection while having children that they wouldn’t want to wander outside.

Grilles for garages

These usually are the most expensive and it’s due to the reason that they are the strongest. It is really often made from strong and resistant metal that is treated with an oven cured epoxy powder coating. It is usually installed by safeguards, because the system is more difficult than the self installed grilles. You can often see this type in the shops when they are being closed, for example.

Domestic security grilles

These are outstanding, especially in terms of strength and value for money, whilst they give complete safety while having the windows opened. They can be either foldable or strongly attached to the walls without the opportunity to easily remove them.

Colourful and shaped grilles

Perfect for interior design lovers. To not ruin the surroundings, or the main color tone of the room, people choose to have curled, bespoke or either ornamental security grilles. But does it really protect? In some cases, it might not protect much, because of the distance between metal bars, but it is still better than nothing. It definitely decorates the house externally and internally no matter what. But the question then is – won’t it attract the thieves more?

If you are interested in protecting your home right now, then be sure to looking at some of the top brands in the UK and Europe, such as SWS Security grilles. First analyse the type of security grilles that are the best fit for your home and then consult with the companies to get the best possible price. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?