The Various Types of Roof lights

There are a number of varieties when it comes to roof lights, so you should definitely look around for one which matches your requirements before you make a purchase. You could decide you want to spend that little bit more to get an outward opening roof window, which may help keep your home cool during the summer. You may decide you want to a roof dome light, which can really open up a room in your home and give it that extra touch. There are a number of options, each with their own benefits and with their own drawbacks; one of which may be just right for you.

Roof windows are types of roof lights which have an opening mechanism. They typically are of a smaller size so that they can be opened easily, but they are still an great product for installation in a kitchen. As the days get warmer, the heat from a turned on oven can be uncomfortable, and having the option to open a window which will help to vent the roof is ideal.

Roof lights are the traditional roof light / skylight model, and even within this group there is a lot of variety. You could, for instance, pay a little more to have a retractable skylight, which is able to roll along a set of tracts until it is out of the way. They can also come in any size, but of course you should expect the price to increase greatly with the increase in size.

Dome lights are an alternative to larger roof lights, and they’ve been around for a long time as well. They are made by connecting a number of individual windows to form a dome shape, which also means that they are generally cheaper than a similarly sized skylight (because windows are harder to make of a certain size). They can open up a room a lot, and are great for a hall in a property, or as the roof of an atrium.