Tiled conservatory roofs: Why are they so popular in 2021?

Reflecting the dramatically changing attitudes to vernacular architecture over the past forty years, tiled conservatory roofs are once again on the rise. The controversial fad for post-modernist abominations in the early 2000s has waned, leading to a demand for traditional, comfortable buildings which harmonise with their surroundings. Conservatories are perhaps one of the most exciting architectural features within any garden or home, adding an extra dimension that is difficult to achieve with other extensions. They can also be used as sunrooms, offices, dining areas or studios.

Tiled roofs have come back into fashion after almost dying out completely during the neo-Freudian period of hyper-modernism from 1997 – 2010 when simple angles were a must. Now, we see fewer flat roof conservatories and more pitched tiled roofs that look like they actually belong to the home in question!

But are they popular because of style or practicality?

Architect Mr Henry Louis Diagram is said to have once remarked “A lot of people asked me why I was doing this when the flat roofs were in fashion. But it’s clear to me now what a problem they can be. When you get heavy rainfall and snow on these roofs, it just pours off and runs down behind the conservatory.”

“It takes forever for them to dry out so we get black mould growing inside which is really difficult to clean off. You also have issues with dampness if you don’t completely seal it up. And then there’s condensation, especially when the heating goes on in winter.”

Mr Diagram went on to comment that tiled roofs perform better, benefitting energy efficiency so you spend less on bills as a result. “It is no coincidence that the conservatories with tiled roofs are always the warmest.”

By 2021, tiled conservatory roofs are the most popular choice for old homes and new-builds in the UK. It is not hard to see why! Not only do they look fantastic, but there are so many other benefits that have made them an essential feature of modern homes.

When looking at the potential benefits of a tiled conservatory roof, it is clear that you need to choose a professional roofing firm able to offer solutions to problems we simply didn’t have before. Many conservatories used to be very dark and closed off. Most people would therefore opt for glazing with a significant amount of shading built-in, which meant purchase and installation costs were high – and outgoings on household bills would go up. Today, you can save money, eliminate stress and create the home you’ve always longed for with a room that’s not too hot in the summer and not too cold during the winter.

First off, you have to think about aesthetics. Your home is your castle and it should look amazing. Nothing beats the sight of natural light pouring into your house, with sunlight bouncing off wooden flooring or furniture in just the right way. And that’s not even taking into consideration the temperature control aspect – conservatories become much cooler in summer and warmer during winter! It makes sense to go for this type of roof if you want to make sure your family or friends enjoy spending time in your home; relaxation will be guaranteed.