Understanding double and triple glazed windows

Window glazing has evolved over time and single panes are no longer the most popular type of windows. Today, window glazing employs the use of multiple glass panes with an insulating material between the within a single window system. This helps reduce the amount of heat escaping from the house during winter and prevents unwanted heat from outside during summer. It also blocks external noise and provides extra security since it is harder to break multiple panes as compared to a single pane.

Here are some of the main differences between double and triple glazed windows:

-Triple glazed have two spacers filled with insulating materials as compared to the single spacer in double glazed windows hence offer more insulation to heat loss.

-Triple glazed windows are better at blocking external noise than double glazed windows.

-The three panes used in triple glazing provide more security than in double glazed windows.

-Triple glazed windows are more expensive than double glazed windows.