Walk On Glass Rooflights for Balconies

Glass has an elegant, clean and valuable appearance, especially when it ‘s fitted in a luxury property, and many contemporary homes include walk on glass balconies and roof terraces. These are extremely strong, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the glass and falling through, while they provide light to the room below.

It’s an attraction on the balcony too, and the room lights from below can really brighten up your outdoor space on a dark night. A walk on glass balcony is always a standout feature at a roof party, and they’re more affordable today, while there’s more finishing colours to choose between.

If you want light and privacy, then an obscured finish should be obtained, while a cool blue finish can bring beautiful calm tones to the room below. Many of these units are self-cleaning too, and they require very minimal maintenance. You can order these in long runs or single units, and most skylight companies will stock walk on glass systems.