What are the benefits of flat rooflights

Flat rooflights are recommended for offices, homes and factories where comfort lighting is preferred over task lighting. In addition to providing bright diffused downlight, the flat glass roof panel directs daylight deep into a building creating an airy feel to interiors while reducing electricity consumption and associated costs. The PVDF coating on the glass offers high levels of weather resistance meaning the system will still look perfect after years in use. A flat rooflight can be used to incorporate photovoltaic panels (PV systems), significantly boosting energy efficiency as well as generating revenue through Feed in Tariffs or Renewable Obligation Certificate.

Flat rooflights are popular for many reasons. The main reason is that they’re the most cost-effective way of using natural light, because it complements a traditional home design well and gives a modern twist to the ceiling. That’s possible thanks to flat roof skylights; you can achieve your ideal floor plan by adding one or more flat roofs as extensions to any room. When implementing this benefit, remember that additional rooms will require additional sources of light, so things like additional windows (properly sealed against draughts) and power points are essential for all areas.

Using rooflights can reduce energy by up to 30% more than using skylights because they are located on the roof. According to Energy Saving Trust, it is estimated that over 150 million UK homes have under-used attic and loft spaces. This means that homeowners could benefit from natural ventilation via a flat rooflight in reducing their heating bills during winter and decreasing the amount of time spent cooling down during summer months.

Rooflights even play a part in a carbon-neutral home as they provide natural lighting for plants. Net-zero energy home developed by architectural design company The Living Roof Company uses mostly flat rooflights in its construction in order to allow natural sunlight into areas of living space without compromising security or privacy. This reduces artificial lighting which increases productivity and style. ***

Are rooflights expensive?

Rooflights are a good way to let more daylight into the roof space of your home. The cost depends on how far away from the property line you need to go, whether you need to build a concrete base and how many other things you want to be done while your contractor is there.

Costs will vary enormously depending on where you live, but these figures offer an idea of what’s involved: £1,000 to put in skylights with no repairs (with VAT) Roof light installers will average charges out over a given time period according to their hourly rate. So don’t assume it’ll be cheap!