Why do some buildings have flat roofs?

When you walk down the road in your local neighbourhood, take the time to really look around and take in the many different types of buildings. It doesn’t matter where you’re based in the UK, you’ll come across pitched roofs and flat roofs, but many people ask why do some buildings have flat roofs? And how does the water drain away?

This is a good question, but the answer’s actually rather simple, there is no such thing as a completely flat roof, otherwise the roof simply wouldn’t do its job because water would build up. So a flat roof, is actually pitched, but just at a very minute angle, but you can understand why they’re called flat, because they really are.

So what benefits do they offer over pitched?

It depends on the type of building, but as an example, they’re easier to install than pitched and require less maintenance, so they’re great for garages, schools, sheds and extensions if you’re looking to bring down costs. They also take up considerable less space and prevent blocking views, which are always important, especially if your neighbour’s windows are close by. Let’s say you’re based in Watford and have a garage that needs covering. If you go for a pitched roof you’ll spend more on the installation, more on the materials and more in maintenance costs moving forwards. This is why we’d say you need to look at flat roofing Watford. There are thousands of flat roofing contractors across the UK, so finding one who can complete your project isn’t too hard, but just be sure to do your homework first, and we recommend you start looking at theirs reviews as soon as possible, as the last thing you need is a cowboy builder!