Why Should I Have A Window In My Bathroom?

Previously on our blog, we have discussed whether or not you should have a window in your bathroom. Today, we want to look into this topic in more detail. Discussing with you the benefits of having a window in your bathroom.

So, what are the benefits of having a window installed in your bathroom?

Natural Light
One of the main benefits of having windows installed in bathrooms is the added natural light. This helps to brighten up the room without the need for electricity. Helping to save you money on your electricity bill, whilst still being able to have a bright bathroom.

Having a window installed in your bathroom helps with natural ventilation. We all know that when bathing or having a shower, lots of steam can be created and condensation can form. Having a window helps to prevent this from occurring as it acts as natural ventilation. Keeping the air circulating in your bathroom.

Mould Prevention
Whilst windows are known for getting mould to form around them, having a window in your bathroom can help with mould presentation. This is due to the point we mentioned above, ventilation. You will find that having your window slightly open when showering helps to prevent condensation which is the perfect breeding ground for mould.

Fresh Feeling
The final benefit we are going to discuss for having a window installed in your bathroom is the fresh feeling it gives your bathroom. entering a bathroom that has a breeze of fresh air helps you to feel more energised and refreshed. You will notice that the natural light also helps to wake you up in the morning.

So, these are our top four benefits of installing a window in your bathroom. There are so many more benefits that we will always recommend you choosing to have a window if it is in your budget. Whilst they are not necessary, the benefits make them worthwhile.